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A new story!

My new story, "The Only Lie" is available to read online now and it's free.  It's from my book in progress.


"Musical Houses," (working title) is a collection of stories and essays following some of the characters introduced in the book, "The Glory Road: A Gospel Gypsy Life"and introducing new ones, many of them part of the musical migration from the Deep South to Southern California in the 1950s.


Salvation South is a fascinating online magazine celebrating all things Southern – the people, the music, food, culture, stories, poetry and more. I'm pleased to be one of the Southern writers featured there.


Here's a direct link to "The Only Lie." https://www.salvationsouth.com/the-only-lie-anita-garner/








                     Nita Faye Jones

                                     Arkansas piney woods, 1950s               

                       When this story takes place